• Openbox Dual Monitor Setup

    My primary problem right now with openbox is dual monitor setup. Right now its working a little bit weird. For example my conky always places itself between the center of my two monitors. Also i see this behaviour in some other applications too. How can i fix this?
    ![center of two monitor(http://s10.postimg.org/4frwzsyvr/2016_03_05_1457212182_3840x1200_scrot.png)

  • sorry im not going to be much help i dont use dual monitor but if you search arch openbox dual monitor there are tons of posts on the topic. openbox is definitely a little bit more challenge to setup dual monitors with.

  • In your tint2rc file, check the value of taskbar_mode and set it to multi_desktop

    And you are gonna have to edit your conky config and move it where you want it

  • it didnt help. also of course i have searched for this before opening a topic but i couldnt find any real solution.

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