• "Master PDF Editor" growing used memory until PC goes stuck.

    I try to install and run (separately) both package of Master PDF Editor from AUR: “masterpdfeditor” and “masterpdfeditor-qt5”, both version 3.6.00-1. When I run any of two version, after a minute the program goes stuck the PC. I investigate, by gnome-system-monitor, and I discovered that, when Master PDF run, the memory growth to infinite, until stuck. I also try to change swappiness from 10 to 90, without success. I monitoring also /tmp by “df -h” command, and it doesn’t have any significant change.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.



  • I see, some things never change. I tried to use Master PDF about one year ago when the 4th version just came out. It was laggy as hell and my not-so-old laptop had been turning down of overheating twice! Now I’m using tools of these guys https://www.altopdf.com/ for such purposes as to edit PDF document or to convert it from/to another extension. That’s a web-based solution, but at least I have confidence my device wouldn’t set to fire while using it

  • ya, i agree.
    Some things are just buggy and are known to leak.
    Browsers, apps, etc.

    If your concerned about high CPU, I’d suggest to look elsewhere .
    It’s more of an application issue that the application author is responsible for in fixing.

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