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    while trying to install Antergos with antergos-2016.02.21-x86_64.iso
    (tried 3 times,with rufus and with dd to USB, i tried and older DVD-Iso,too)
    i got, after the last step (User-Name,Password etc), this Error-Message:

    ‘Konnte Download Paketliste (Metalinks) nicht erstellen’
    (siehe Protokoll Ausgabe für Details)

    I didnt find the ‘Protokoll-Ausgabe’ , i don’t know where to look for.

    Wifi and Cabel Network is working while live-session, cnchi is updating itself before install-Prozess
    Also i test Network Connection with browser to be sure i am connected.

    It’s the first time i got this error, I did several installs before, all went fine.

    Whats wrong? Please, anybody able to help?

  • @atergo said:
    “Could not create Download Package List ( Metalink ) . See log output for details”

    I am also getting this error within the last 24 hours. Was trying to fresh install Antetgos (antergos-2016.02.21-x86_64.iso) with KDE and got the error. Googled and saw an old topic saying that its related to the porting of the Plasma5 packages that is still in progress.

    Then I retried an installation with Gnome selected and got the same error.

  • I found that running pacman-key --populate archlinux antergos just before the error message normally appears seems to fix the issue. It looks like cnchi overwrites something (keys?) during install that is needed to get the new packages.

  • As Antergos is rolling release (based on Arch), some keys might have been updated since the release of the iso. I haven’t checked (so I’m not 100% sure), but reading your comments and the solution given that is the most probably case.

    We’re thinking how give the proper solution to this problem inside Cnchi.

  • ’ pacman-key --populate archlinux antergos ’ made it.
    thank’s for it.

    I’m glad to see antergos arch as my system again. I tried Kaosx, Manjaro, Chakra for plasma 5/arch and was close to check out Kubuntu again. (But really want to work with ppa? Uh.)
    Just antergos is running smooth and fluid, without dropouts.
    Thanks for all the good work.

  • @atergo Nice to hear that.

    It’s also a good occasion to mark the topic as [Solved], isn’t it?

  • @just haha i like when you do that 😄

  • @just - the watchdog : ) done.
    ( yep - sorry I’m a sleepy-head)

  • I hate you all :) !

  • @just by the way,
    want to show me how to load those pic - or, more interesting, how to load logs that there’ so nice scrollable while reading topic?! In Form of that nice ‘Topic-tools-marked as solved-pic’?
    I tried to inform me on antergos sides and google, but didn’t find ones way.

    If you think thats the wrong moment/place for coaching, maybe you send some usefull links?

  • ok therefor no. (your mark-solve answer came within 9 minutes)

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