I’d kindly suggest to replace the Numix Square icon theme with Numix Circle or to add it as an alternative to the antergos repo.

Numix Square hasn’t seen any addition for almost 1.5 years (the Numix Folders icon aside). Numix Circle on the other hand provides more than 1000 additional icons (all Antergos default apps are covered) and is still being worked on. Beyond that in contrast to Square it received a lot of fixes and optimisations like Qt/KDE support.
Last but not least there’s a GitHub repo for Numix Circle where users can file their bugs/request against or even contribute.

On another note, do you know the Numix Folders script+GUI wrapper? It lets you choose from different Numix folder designs and you can set colours individually.
With Numix being the default base icon theme I’d love to see numix-folders in the antergos repository.