• List of KDE packages to install Antergos plasma desktop

    Does anybody have a list of all KDE packages to install plasma alongside gnome? so that with a single command pacman -S xxx xxx xxx.... I can install (and possibly uninstall later) the whole antergos kde environment.
    I’m on Gnome now, but as I’m using more & more KDE apps I’m considering switching to KDE without the hassle of a new whole install.

  • sudo pacman -S plasma should do the trick.

    You should know that this question has already been answered. Please, next time do a search before posting. ;)

  • @karasu I do not believe this actually answers the OP’s question. The command you recommend will indeed install the Plasma desktop, but it will install only the DE itself. The OP specifies that they want to install “the whole antergos kde environment” - from the sounds of it, they are looking for the Plasma desktop as well as all of the standard KDE apps (Konquerer, Dolphin, Konsole, etc.).

    While I do not have this command written out, the goal could be pretty easily accomplished by starting with “pacman -S plasma” and then simply appending the names of the applications listed here onto the end of the command.

  • You’re right. I didn’t search for all the needed packages (I don’t remember them), but as I said, it has been answered before, so it’s just a matter of searching in the forum. Sorry if I sounded a bit rude.


  • Mmmm don’t think a simple sudo pacman -S plasma could install the whole beautiful Antergos plasma desktop ;) Sorry nobody has already done what I want to do (of course I did a search before posting… please no offense but leave this kind of comment to the arch forums, that’s why we are here antergos users).
    I’ll do a manual list as suggested, which will take much more time… I’ll let you know and share if I succeed.

  • idk in my experience a clean install would be best and easier. this sounds like more of a hassle then just doing a new install. guess is mostly depends on your backup habits. i backup quite often so it doesnt take much work for me to do a clean install. i guess internet speed play a part also.

  • @ant77 : You’re totally right. I was tired and still working when I answered, but that’s not an excuse. Again, sorry.

    About your issue, plasma package will install the full DE, but with a vanilla setup. What you’re searching for is the package called antergos-kde-setup. Just do a sudo pacman -S antergos-kde-setup and your user will get the new setup. It’s important that you do not run it as root, run it as the user you want to setup using sudo. (if you run it as root it will be the user root who gets the new setup).


  • @karasu : You’re welcome and your countless advices always much appreciated.

    I’m now trying to choose between 3 packages:

    • plasma-meta (167.8 MB)
    • plasma-desktop (101.7 MB)
    • plasma-workspace (87.8 MB)

    I’ll check which packages do they depend on and decide what I need. I’ll post later the final result of my exploit :) and reveal if my computer didn’t blow up and my cat was not harmed :)

  • Changing topic’s status from [Unsolved] to the [Normal topic].

  • Ok I finally chose to install “plasma-meta” to have a full kde. Here’s the list of packages… the list may be useful in case I decide to go back to a pure gnome desktop, I’ll have to remove these:

    baloo bluedevil bluez-qt breeze breeze-gtk breeze-icons cln convertlit drkonqi ebook-tools frameworkintegration gdb geoclue htdig kactivities kcmutils kdeclarative kde-cli-tools kdecoration kded kde-gtk-config kdelibs4support kdeplasma-addons kdesignerplugin kdesu kdewebkit kdoctools kemoticons kfilemetadata kgamma5 khelpcenter khotkeys khtml kidletime kinfocenter kitemmodels kjs kjsembed kmenuedit knewstuff knotifyconfig kpackage kparts kpeople kplotting kpty krunner kscreen kscreenlocker ksshaskpass ksysguard ktexteditor kuiserver kunitconversion kwallet-pam kwayland kwayland-integration kwin kwrited kxmlrpcclient libgit2 libkscreen libksysguard libqalculate lmdb lm_sensors milou modemmanager-qt networkmanager-qt noto-fonts oxygen oxygen-cursors plasma-desktop plasma-framework plasma-mediacenter plasma-meta plasma-nm plasma-pa plasma-sdk plasma-workspace plasma-workspace-wallpapers polkit-kde-agent poppler-qt5 powerdevil prison-frameworks qca-qt5 qt5-graphicaleffects qt5-location qt5-quickcontrols qt5-sensors qt5-tools qt5-translations qt5-webchannel qt5-webkit sddm sddm-kcm socat systemsettings threadweaver ttf-oxygen user-manager xcb-util-cursor xcb-util-renderutil xorg-xmessage

    I also installed antergos-kde-setup as suggested. This made the installer download about 100 MB more packages.

  • ya im still voting for clean install lol 😁

  • @megaman said:

    ya im still voting for clean install lol 😁

    I may follow your advice later. For now I’m just testing. Everything seems to be going on smoothly without any issue. Apart from the font in firefox that has become less sharp when I switch back to Gnome. Now I have Gnome, KDE and Cinnamon installed on my Antergos system and there is nothing broken. I remember when I tried to do this on Ubuntu-based systems I got some conflicts, not to talk about Unity totally broken after installing Cinnamon.

  • @ant77 ya should be all good for testing. i just know things can get messy sometimes switching from one desktop to another.

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