• Pamac 3.2rc1-2 remainig hang when run update manager (pamac-updater).

    The last pamac update won’t work when updating packages, and remain in infinite loop. I try the pamac-aur version that work fine, but also this version has a bug: doesn’t find any package in the AUR repository. So I had to reinstall the latest version 3.2rc1-2, even if it fails to perform packages upgrades.
    From tests with “strace” that I run, I found that the program remains in the loop after an API function “futex” with “FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE” parameter.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.



  • @flanto The new update “pamac 3.2rc1.3.1.0-1” solve the bug!

  • @flanto said:

    @flanto The new update “pamac 3.2rc1.3.1.0-1” solve the bug!

    So it is now possible to mark the topic as such, isn’t it?

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