Hi all,

With this one I’m starting a series of posts dedicated to fixing some issues with Nvidia Optimus video cards with installed Bumblebee software.

It is mainly aimed to those who have installed Bumblebee following Antergos Wiki article. But it applies to the same degree to everyone who has recently installed Bumblebee by following either ArchWiki article or various tutorials available on the net.

First. Antergos Wiki article was written about 3 years ago. It didn’t receive major updates since then. I’m sorry for that. Some info in the article (packages to install) became outdated and needs to be updated. I’ve added a warning about it to the article.

Second. Far more serious than the first one. Besides changed packages dependencies, since v.3.19 kernels have a bug that truncate Bumblebee power saving capabilities. Sorry for not discovering it earlier. None of the articles or tutorials I’ve found and checked on the net addresses this issue. It needs to be fixed as well.

Antergos users and members of this forum are my number one priority. That’s why all info will be initially published here, in the forum. It should allow to Antergos users to apply fixes ASAP. The Antergos Wiki article will be adjusted as needed lately. Hope to finish posting here and adjust the article in next few days.

To not mix various topics in one huge post, I think to split them roughly as follows.

  1. Bumblebee 1/6: Upcoming fixes
    This one.

  2. Bumblebee 2/6: Packages to install
    If you’re starting from zero, this one is the most recent and fully updated list of packages to install. Existing Bumblebee users may safely ignore it.

  3. Bumblebee 3/6: Missing Nvidia Settings
    About missing nvidia-settings package, for users with already installed Bumblebee.

  4. Bumblebee 4/6: Steam on Optimus
    About “Steam not running with optirun” issue. For users with already installed Bumblebee.

  5. Bumblebee 5/6: No power saving
    Why Bumblebee has stopped to switch discrete Nvidia card OFF upon exiting from optirun. For all users, those who install Bumblebee for the 1st time and those who have it already installed.

  6. Bumblebee 6/6: Quick installation guide
    A complete and very short Bumblebee installation guide. No comments, no explanations, no excessive wording. 7 steps to install Bumblebee where it doesn’t exist, to recover from a broken installation, to repair a bad configuration.

All issues are solved. I’ll describe them in the subsequent posts. Bumblebee shines and runs smoothly again. They were tested on three different computers, with three different Nvidia Optimus cards:

  • GeForce GT 555M
  • GeForce GT 630M
  • GeForce GT 750M

Each one of three computers has native vanilla Arch Linux installed, with 4 different and separate DEs, and 8 Antergos installations (test and prod), again, with 4 different and separate DEs. For a total of 36 various Arch and Antergos installations, independent one from another. Fixes were applied and work without a problem everywhere.

Thanks for reading.