• Update Manager not working

    @herbie said:


    There is no downgrade program.
    none exists, so I cannot downgrade unless you show how to get downgrade.

    I tried to remove pamac which closes itself, then yaourt pamac which worked to bring it back.

    The pamac -Syu works fine from terminal, but the GUI still hangs on an empty busy cursor and does not work as it should or used to.

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    If I do yaourt pamac and choose option 1 only then it seems to have fixed it. I think option 2 needs to be removed. At least now from Panel you can choose Update and it comes up right now with system up to date, and close button only. Option 2 is broken and needs to be removed.
    Option 1 removes the bad one and reinstalls the good one.

    I further am making NO claims that I fied anything

  • Thanks for the instructions here; worked like a charm!!

    Best regards,

  • Confirmed solution, is
    Open terminal

    yaourt pacman

    Choose option 1 which will remove option 2, and replace pamac with option 1.

    Did this, and got an update today and it is working.

  • Thanks guys! However, I still cannot access the update manager OR add-remove after using the command “yaourt pacman” and entering Option 1. When I click on either icon I get the following error message…see image below!

    Thanks, T


  • The issue seems to be fixed. I updated pamac today to v3.2.0-1b6 and updating works like a charm again.

  • Updating hanging / non-responsive:

    0_1457025426864_Screenshot at 2016-03-03 12:15:49.png


  • @Ogre killed pamac-updater and started again (3rd time) and this time it updated completely / successfully! Again, thanks to all for their help!! Greg

  • Marked as [Solved].

  • Thanks guys for all the help! I was impatient and uninstalled Antergos for now, I am sure I will be back at another time. T

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