• My post disappeared and got replaced by another post

    Hello all,

    Two days ago I posted a post about how I would go about reinstalling Antergos alongside Windows 10. What I was wondering was how I’d go about especially with the /boot partition.

    After the maintenance on the forum yesterday, that post is gone and the post id has been replaced by another.

    Here is the link from my email to the post: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/4012

    Here is an answer I got from @linuxhelmet to the post and that I got in my mail:

    *linuxhelmet has posted a reply to: How do I go about reinstalling Antergos in my dualboot with Windows 10:

    Ok lots of questions here rolled into one but I can answer a few.

    There are ways to install openbox and then remove completely Gnome3 or Cinnamon until all you have is a fresh shell to start from.
    Reference (and example): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hyGNZekSmQ
    So IT IS possible and I have done this before with Cinnamon and a few other DE’s. You will however have to find ALL the packages associated with that DE if you want to remove it completely.
    This will give you a clean slate to start from in which you will install everything from ground up.

    You can also just remove the front-end for Gnome or Cinnamon:
    sudo pacman -R gnome-shell
    sudo pacman -R cinnamon
    Then install openbox. Some packages will remain from your previous build however.
    The github files are for theming openbox.

    Your final option is doing a clean reinstall (fastest option.)
    This is where my information gets hazy as well sadly. I have done reinstalls from Legacy hardware on dual-boots but this is my first laptop I decided to try UEFI. With that being said I’ve even reinstalled LILO (Windows bootloader) but it’s been a while.

    AS FAR AS I KNOW you will basically wipe out everything involved in your Antergos partition EXCEPT don’t delete, reformat, or touch /boot/efi. Just specify the path to it when setting up your new Antergos install. Everything from there should work out. Any further elaboration on this from anyone else would be very helpful!
    (Unsolved) https://forum.antergos.com/topic/2991/dual-boot-windows-10-and-antergos-grub-problem
    Dual Boot Setup http://itsfoss.com/dual-boot-antergos-windows-uefi/

    Bonus Answer:
    Depends. You don’t HAVE to use a swap partition. I personally always set anywhere from 2-4gb of swap just in case. Are you going to be using photo or movie creation/editing software? Do you have a program that eats ram for breakfast? Do you leave Firefox on all day long? If you answered yes to any of these then you probably need swap. I personally had 12gb of ram and was like “I don’t need swap I have all this ram and a SSD.” Firefox hated me for it. What happens when you have NO swap is if a program NEEDS swap for any reason it can’t get it thus crashing the program.

    Hope this helps!*

    What gives?

  • Hi,

    That’s my fault. I made a mistake while doing some maintenance on the forum server and had to restore the most recent backup (which unfortunately resulted in the loss of 19 hours of forum activity). Sorry about that! 😅 . I’m glad you at least were able to read the response through email though!

    Best Regards,

  • Thank goodness you got that answer by mail because some of my stuff is gone too and I DON’T want to retype all that lol. That answer alone took me 2-4 hours of researching to dig up anything on. Hence why I left that post at (not 100% sure) due to not finding a clear answer myself. I guess re-post the question?

  • I forgive you @lots-0-logs!

    And thank you very much for the answer @linuxhelmet. I decided to be brave and delete all my partitions, par the boot one. Reinstall Antergos just as recommended in the IT’s F.O.S.S. article (which was what I used to install in the first place). Doing it that way means that there wasn’t created a new entry on the EFI partition, it simply overwrote the old one and all was well.

    And thanks for the answer about SWAP. I ended up just going with a 4 GB partition there.

    I see my issue solved, so I don’t see any reason to resubmit it.

  • Awesome! Make sure you mark your question as “solved” if you…oh wait. It got deleted ;) ( Just teasing @lots-0-logs ) Anyways glad to hear that this fixed it for you. As for the swap issue, that answer was from me going super critical in terms of read/writes to my SSD. I thought to myself, “Can’t have swap. Swap is bad because of all those writes.” This is true to a degree but the amount of swap actually used in comparison to the amount of programs crashing without it is well worth the writes. Also I didn’t know that SSD drives have WAY more read/writes than they used to…and TRIM.

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