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    hi guys,
    first of all, thx for ur patience with a linux newbie like meh xD

    1. i need to instal wine- i wana play ageofwulin and other games on antergos. by winehq helpfull person recomendations i need enable multilib. when i write in terminal /etc/pacman.conf (as sugested in archwiki- enable multilib), it says permision or aces denied. i wrote sudo /etc/pacman.conf- unknown command or something in that meaning. i saw a guy do it in a certain video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P-mG8s8Deg 1:58- his file is opened in another window. when i tried to instal those drivers it opened it in terminal so i could not save- not to enable multilib i need to aces that exacly(all that hapened in previous instal).
    2. another question- my GPU is ati radeon hd4670- i see that legacy ati drivers are for it, or should i keep the ones that come with the instal ? wana use it for gaming(as mentioned up there ^^)
      i tried instaling them before- but for every command i didn’t get the prescribed/expected results so i ended up stuck. :o
    3. also- when instaling new programs with terminal command- does it instal the latest version? i presume as much
  • If I got you right, you want to enable the multilib repo, right? Is your install an old one, because multilib used to come disabled quite al long time ago. Now it comes ready to use. Anyway, here is how to do it…

  • Multilib comes enabled by default.

    The installer has an option to install playonlinux, an easy setup for using wine programs, you can use sudo pacman -S playonlinux to install it.

    Keep the ati drivers you have unless you have to change them, you card is talked about in the Arch wiki here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php?title=ATI#Installation

  • ty guys ;o

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