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    Hi all,

    I have a question for experienced Kde users and gurus.

    Since 1998 I was using GTK desktops - Gnome 2 and recently Mate. Kde was less known for me. But now Kde has reached such a high, good, stable level, that I find myself to spend more and more time in Plasma.

    I like Kontact suite. And wanted to use KMail to retrieve mail from my Gmail accounts. But seems like Gmail (Google) doesn’t consider KMail as a secure application. Without lowering security level I can’t retrieve with KMail from Gmail.

    Seems like the only way to do it is by going to Google’s Less secure apps page and Turn on (enable) access for less secure apps. With this feature turned on KMail retrieves Gmail. But I don’t appreciate too much this approach.

    Is there a way to receive Gmail in KMail without allowing access for less secure apps in Google?

    I don’t consider Thunderbird for now . I like very much the whole Kontact suite - it has all tools that permit to gather and control all kinds of info I use.

    Thank you

  • @anarch Thank you, @anarch . The article outlines Google’s concern about mail security. Unfortunately, it has no technical details about bypassing Gmail’s security mechanism. Thanks again.

  • Never mind. I wasn t much of a help, after all. Maybe you should ask the KDE community?
    *Since you mentioned Thunderbird, I also had the same security warning with it, which I can understand since Thunderbird is practically an abandoned project since 2012. So, I got rid of it and installed Evolution instead, with no such a warning (though harder to configure)…

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