I’m used to see a pop-up window when I press the power button in all distros I’ve used. But somehow this is not happening in my fresh install of Antergos with Cinnamon. It hasn’t even passed a week since I installed Antergos and I’ve already shutdown my machine 2 times accidentaly

My question is:
How/What would I configure to make the button to behave as I want?

I tried this:
chmod -x /sbin/shutdown
and somehow the pop-up window comes to live, but inmediatly (I barely see the pop-up window) the computer starts the boot process (I think it is, it shows the same messages) and after 20 secs or so it’s not booting nor turning off, forcing me to shutdown by pressing the button a few seconds.

I’ve also read about acpid but I’m really confused about it.

So yea, any help would be apreciated