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    Hey guys and gals, I’m considering switching from GNOME to KDE. All I’d like to know is, how stable is it? Do you prefer it over GNOME?

    All replies are appreciated 👍

  • Plasma 5.5 has been fairly stable for me in regards to performance. Pamac-tray shows up as a dot so you kinda have to either click on “install updates” when the popup window shows up or install them using code:
    yaourt -Syu
    So far that’s my only real issue with it. That and I turned off the sound option for battery options because Linux in general has no idea when it comes to my battery lol.

    I have used both on my daily driver machine. For KDE prepare for customization to the point of being able to tweak with almost anything. In that same note that customization allows this DE to mold to your work flow. If you take a day to really dig in and customize it to your needs you will find it worth it. (Or at least I did!) I find it great for alt-tabbing or even bouncing up at the hot corner to see everything you have going on. Also, and this is a big one for me: The KDE apps just kinda “work.”

    Don’t get me wrong. Gnome 3 is great. You want Wayland? Stick with Gnome 3. KDE is still working out the kinks. You want a pretty looking almost Apple-ish enviroment? Gnome is great. I love the looks of Gnome 3. Giant tablet? Gnome 3. However, I didn’t like how I had to use gnome-tweak-tool, user made add-ons, and even dconf just to get a few minor customizations in. With that said I felt limited, and like something was “missing.” So I switched. But that’s just my experience. :)

  • kde is going just fine stable wise.

    i prefer it over gnome easily.

  • Even over openbox @megaman? ;)

  • @linuxhelmet ya im trying out kde for a while. mostly because i want to use wayland when its ready. i still very much enjoy openbox but depending on how things go with wayland openbox might not be supported anymore.

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