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    Just something to consider as I’ve been thinking about it alot lately, but this is in regards to cnchi. I know that Antergos uses the lightdm login manager and it looks really good.

    The problem I have with this is that sometimes things go a little wonky when using it as apposed to what the desktop enviroment uses by default. There are a few examples that come to mind, mainly Gnome 3 and KDE 5.

    These two DE’s in particular I have seen issues with in regards to lightdm. Gnome 3 at one point I had to switch to gdm due to login issues. KDE on the other hand has a current issue that makes lightdm…well awkward. With KDE when you let your computer sit then go to login again it uses KDE’s default lock screen. This highly contrasts the look of Antergos’ login and makes it seem kinda “pasted” on.

    My idea was:
    Why not have options for multiple login managers in Cnchi? This way not only could you pick your DE or WM right from the get-go but you could also chose which login manager you use as well? Just thought this would be a neat option especially for customizing an install. :D

  • @linuxhelmet I think this sounds like a good idea. I just did a fresh install with Gnome3 as my desktop, and I kept getting issues with lightdm actually showing correctly.

    I had to install gdm and then disable the lightdm service before I had a stable login flow, as it was hit and miss with lightdm. It just kept differing between showing on boot, black screen, crashing when logging out and so on. gdm seems a lot more stable and thus being able to choose yourself could be a good choice.

  • Not a bad thing to add to the devs endless TODO list. At least for the two (most advanced?) DEs, Gnome and KDE which don t like being interfered with…👊

  • @linuxhelmet
    I don’t think so. After install, It is very easy to change the login manager. Cnchi is work in progress, I don’t think that option need to be a first priority, by now…

  • Not saying this should be top priority by any means @4ant, just an idea for something later down the road for Cnchi. Of course set the default option to lightdm, just like Cnchi has Gnome3 set as default. Then let the users pick from there.

    @anarch “most advanced” lol. That made me giggle a little. Clearly Openbox is the supreme master WM I was referring to the most. With it’s elegant emptiness and endless drop-downs it needed that same feel from the login manager that only Openbox’s default could offer.
    (Kidding of course) ;)

    As for the devs I know they are super busy, just thought this would be a cool idea :D

  • I was kidding, too (quotation & question marks)😆
    I myself was refering mainly to Gnome, since I can see quite a few users have trouble with their Antergos default login screen. Not something you want to encounter first thing on booting if you are an inexperienced newcomer…

  • Hi,

    Cnchi had the option of installing different DE managers a loooong time ago. We had the idea of installing gdm with gnome, kdm with kde, and so on. In the end we removed it because we wanted to offer an unified login screen for all desktops, and lightdm seemed the only option to archive this.

    If gdm was easier to work with it (to work a theme for it) we could think this twice.

    Anyway, I very much appreciate these kind of comments and suggestions, keep them coming, please.


  • I know that, @karasu . We ve discussed it before and I am very well aware of your intention to keep ONE, unified DM. Still, it is a problem for a new user, if he does t know what to do (facing a blank screen, or not knowing how to set power management settings). I wish I could come up with some idea…

  • @linuxhelmet, Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated your suggestion, my remark is that I thought the implementation could be time consuming.
    On a side note: I only use Gnome, in some Distros it goes better with gdm, others with lightdm. Then, I wondered novice users running the installer could find it difficult to choose the best option.

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