• Unable to download live ISO

    Not sure which sub-forum this would belong in, but when each time I try to download the 64-bit live ISO I am redirected to this page: https://antergos.com/no-access/download-id/1252/

    I have been able to download it in the past so am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have tried on a Windows 8.1 laptop on both Chrome and IE, as well as a laptop running Arch on Chromium. Please help.

  • @Arkitekt You could try to download directly from

    Just remember that the current 2016.02.19 ISOs have a problem with Isolinux. Simply speaking, they are not bootable. We need to wait some time until new ISOs are re-uploaded and all mirrors are syncronized.

  • Ahh, that would explain why there is no access to the download page. I will wait until new ISO’s are uploaded. Thank you for your quick response. I would mark this topic as ‘solved’ but I am unsure how to do that.

  • @Arkitekt said:

    …I would mark this topic as ‘solved’ but I am unsure how to do that.


    The OP was not posted as a question, so in this case the thing is a bit different. Don’t worry, with your permission I’ll mark it as [Solved] for you.

  • @just Please do, sorry was my first post. Thank you.

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