• ISO Refresh: 2016.02.19

    Notable Changes: Packages updated for the live and minimal install environments.

    Click here to see the full blog post

  • @lots.0.logs Hm.

    antergos-2016.02.19-x86_64.iso  2016-02-19  06:52  1.8 GB

    (link-to-ISO) boots only in

    ISOLINUX 6.03 6.03* EHDD

    and stops there.

    Hashsum is OK. Quite unusual.

  • @lots-0-logs A torrent for the 64bit Live iso wasn’t added.

  • The images are no good. There’s a bug in the Syslinux bootloader package. It will take a couple hours to replace the bad images with new ones. Sorry guys!

    Best Regards,

  • @lots.0.logs No problem 😄 .

  • @lots.0.logs When will new ISOs be uploaded?


  • no plasma 5 yet?

  • @Strangiato Plasma has been in for a while. It’s the Kde option.

  • are the isos all fixed now? anyone report any issues?

  • @megaman said:

    are the isos all fixed now?

    Yes, they are. antergos-2016.02.21-x86_64.iso is smooth as silk.

    anyone report any issues?

    Not yet. Seems like it’s perfect.

  • @just great to hear. ill give it a try then.

  • well i got the install done but the vanishing button problem is still there 😞

    using min iso x64 installing openbox - english

    print support
    visual affects
    extra fonts

    the how would you like to proceed screen is almost blank. the partition screen mostly blank, if you mouse over some items will appear. the screen to input user and pass is all blank but the boxes to input. so i was able to get through everything but it wasnt easy lol

    sorry no logs wasnt sure how to get logs with no access to the file manager. does the min iso even have option for live environment?

    im using nvidia card.

  • The new iso have the same problems that this version.

  • The main Antergos download page is not allowing ANY downloads for any version as far as my machine is concerned. Not sure if this is an issue on my end or not but I have no access to any of the ISO files at the moment.

    (Aside from the link @just posted)

    Figured I’d post that here seeing as how there is a similar issue discussed.

  • This thread is 1 month old. Very old. It’s better to stop posting here. To not become necro-posters.

    Antergos Main page currently works well here. Allows to download all flavors without a problem.

    My web scanners check two URLs:

    URLs point directly to Antergos Build Server (ABS) and work always. Any ISO becomes available there in the first place. Both URLs are always accessible and never break. Pointing ABS directly may be a bad practice due to excessive load to the server.


  • Sorry @just! Thanks for the heads up, and the problem is now fixed. Thanks.

  • @linuxhelmet Dont’t worry, there’s no need for excuses. I’m sorry for the previous post, which might seem to be a bit rude. Everything is fine.

    Kind regards.

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