• Arch & Antergos Diffrences

    how far is the “updates” diffrences between arch and antergos?

  • @han2007 Are you kidding? Antergos directly uses unmodified, untouched, untweaked, original, native Arch repos. There are no differences or any “distance” at all between Arch and Antergos updates.

  • you look kind of upset ;)
    But yes, this is the reason for I love this Distro

  • Everything is directly off Arch. There is no delay.

    @just Relax man lol.

  • ok this may change the topic, if it its please mar this solved.
    i was in arch IRC and they were really mad about this matter why is that?
    that the antergos is not arch.

  • @han2007

    They’re strict about which Iso’s are talked about in there. If the Distro name isn’t exactly Arch it will be looked downed upon. We have our own irc channel #antergos on freenode.

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