• Base install no network connection?

    Hello. I have completed a bas install. When I rebooted I am able to log into the terminal. However I can get online. Cant ping anything. and cant pacman install things. Can anyone help me get the network running? dhcp? I googled and am at a loss of where to start.

    I tried systemctl enable systemd-networkd and systemctl enable systedmd-resolved.service. That had no effect.

    Thank so much for any help :)

  • You need to start the network manager. sudo systemctl -f enable NetworkManager for it to start on boot and sudo systemctl -f start NetworkManager for it to start without rebooting.

  • Hmm getting “Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory”

  • Ah ha!
    sudo dhcpcd eno1
    sudo pacman -S networkmanager
    then I ran your command and rebooted it’s working :)

  • @spacecowboy Marked as [Solved].

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