• Get back antergos login screen (lightdm, i guess)

    I was experimenting with my setup when I, let’s say accidentally, remove lightdm and installed & enabled gdm with the following command:
    sudo pacman -Rcc lightdm
    sudo pacman -S gdm
    sudo systemctl -f enable gdm

    Now I’ve tried reintalling lightdm hoping to get default antergos login screen running the same commands, obviously inverted, but it doesn’t work, but after reboot i cant login to my computer because neither gdm or ligthdm are enabled, help please

  • @mirielorella It wasn’t enough just to uninstall lightdm. It was | is also necessary to stop and disable its service (daemon).

    As far as I understand, you have both lightdm and gdm services enabled right now. To stop lightdm only:

    1. Boot into bash console with
    2. Login and issue the commands
      sudo systemctl stop lightdm  -- it could fail; don't bother
      sudo systemctl disable lightdm
    3. Reboot
      sudo shutdown -r now

    This should leave only gdm enabled and running. Hopefully, the system will permit to login with GDM after reboot.

    Good luck.

  • @mirielorella Even if you do not get a DM screen you probably get the console screen asking for your login name and after that your password. (you won’t see your password printed)

    The you should get a line with your name and $.
    Here you have to give a command to start your DE. try:
    $ startx **
    if you use Xfce ** $ startxfce4

    If you are sure you have also installed the lightdm-theme try:

    S sudo systemctl enable lightdm --force

    If you also removed the theme you should try to reinstall it. Personally I prefer to use yaourt.

    $ yaourt lightdm or $ yaourt lightdm-webkit-theme-antergos or lightdm-webkit2-greeter

    Using pacman: $ sudo pacman -S lightdm-webkit2-greeter

    The advantage of using yaourt is that you can see the different choices you have. There are several themes you could use I guess.

    Choose the number corresponding with the theme you want to use.

  • @just @axioma thank you! I was able to login and enable GDM, and once I was able to enter my DE I installed and enabled LigthDM with antergos theme, wich is exactly what I wanted!

  • @mirielorella Thank you for marking the topis as [Solved] 👏 .

  • @just thank you for being awesome, you have helped me like one million times already, cheers!!

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