first post here, i hope you can help me.

atm, i have linux mint (uefi) installed without problems, but i would so much like to try out an arch based linux without the hassles of an arch installation.

so i gave antergos 64bit a try on my uefi probook 450 go & created a bootable usb stick (and dvd) as described in the wiki.

latest fw is installed, uefi enabled, secure & fast boot are turned off.

unfortunately both stop booting with a black screen after a very rudimentary bootscreen (only grey text, no graphics at all).

on the contrary, booting from usb/dvd works fine on a friends bios laptop.

hopefully you have some tipps to get this sorted out.

thank you

btw: i have already tried the nomodeset boot option without any luck & i get the same booting problems with manjaro linux, too.