• Systemd upgrading

    Please, excuse my naive question.
    After upgrading to systemd v.229, I ran the sudo mkinitcpio -p linux command to make it available on booting with the latest kernel. Do I need to run it for the LTS kernel, too?( (still in 228).

  • @anarch Yes, you need to do that.

    Each kernel has its own corresponding initramfs. And vice versa. Systemd info is included in initramfs.

  • Thanks, @just for the confirmationπŸ‘

  • @anarch You’re more than welcome.

  • Well, @Just, no. I have two laptops, both with the latest and LTS kernels. In neither of the LTS kernels was I able to upgrade to `systemd 229. They both stayed in 228.😞

  • @anarch Oops, sorry πŸ˜– . I’ve lost myself among various Arch, openSUSE, Fedora, Debian. They treat initramfs differently one from another.

    Probably, while replying, I was thinking about another system. Forget the answer, please. Sorry. I must put myself in standby and clear the ideas first.

  • That s ok. No worries. πŸ‘

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