• Black Screen with Cursor first boot

    Hello. I have installed Antergos from USB no problem. After I boot the machine for the first time I can see my login name. When I click on it to put my password in the screen goes black with the mouse cursor. I am unable to log in. I tried with gnome, when that did not work I tried a reinstall with xfce. That has the same problem. Can anyone advise me? thank you for the help! :)

    Box config.
    lenovo TS140 Xeon. Primary Video card geforce 210. Secondly video card geforce 750 TI.

  • @spacecowboy

    Check your logs. The file you want to look at is /var/log/Xorg.0.log

    (To switch to a text logon you can use ALT+CTRL+F2)

  • I kept googling for how to fix this and I found a fix. For anyone who has the same issue
    sudo su
    pacman -Syu
    pacman -S gdm
    systemctl disable lightdm
    systemctl stop lightdm
    systemctl enable gdm
    systemctl start gdm

    and thanks @karasu for the help the keyboard shortcut to get to the terminal really saved my bacon.

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