• Put Gnome as default in desktop select Login Screen

    Hi guys, how are you?

    in relation about the wayland post i have a minor bug that i want solve.

    I had Gnome with Wayland as default desktop and i have to change every time it manually, doen’st matter that all time i init session in Gnome, normal Gnome, every time that i’m in login screen i have Gnome with Wayland by default, how can i put Gnome as default deskptop?

  • Well, in my experience, the switch between GNOME & GNOME ON WAYLAND has always been a bit tricky. It has always been forgetting the setting and it could remember my selected default setting on the 2nd/3rd time I powered on my machine.
    *I read about your issue in other topics you opened and I can see your issue with the last WAYLAND update. I didn t have this, myself (was able to login) but I did NOT check if WAYLAND has become default. . I will check it now, out of curiosity.
    I have read that this will be a choice in GNOME 3.20 and that FEDORA are struggling to make WAYLAND default in their new release.

  • Ok, I checked it out (GDM). Nothing has changed after the Wayland update. neither its…stubborn behavor. It still doesn t “remember” if you change setting ftom GNOME to ON WAYLAND and vice versa. Not until you reboot a couple or so times (or firing the system)…😆

  • @anarch ajjajajaja, i’m using lightdm, because Antergos Login Screen. I rebooted this pc many times until yesterday and show me Gnome with Wayland by default yet.

  • So, what did you do? Did you switch to GDM to check Wayland s behavor, did you manage to solve the problem elsehow?

  • *I was also using Antergos s LightDM which is beautiful whereas GDM is just a grey ugliness.
    When I started using Wayland though, I switched to GDM because I wanted the Gnome s default power managemet settings for my laptop, in fear of system crashes (so I have read at least, did not take the risk of trying it out).

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