• Antergos Minimal ISO

    antergos Minimal ISO 64 bits during the installation the installer was all white impossible to read or see the partitions ,

  • Hi,

    Some users have experienced problems with minimal iso (seems to be a problem with the graphics driver), but have reported having more success with the latest testing minimal iso.

    You can retrieve it from: http://build.antergos.com/browse/testing

    By the way, do you have a nvidia graphics card?


  • Hi
    No It’s an old - 5 years - HP Intel.

  • Ok I download the last iso - antergos-minimal-2016.02.19-x86_64.iso - from your link and after several attempts using dd command & imagewriter I not even able to enter the usb. No problem with the other distro, so…1 gb down.

  • Sorry to hear that, @ptrinx . As you know this is a testing iso. I’ll ask @lots.0.logs , he manages the creation of iso’s.

    I assume you have checked the iso md5 to be sure it has been downloaded correctly.

    If you can’t boot it I’m out of ideas here, sorry.

  • Eureka!!!
    Ok lastest iso 21 fev 64bits minimal install. Same problem with the graphic white screen during the partitions but I search for antergos install screenshots and follow the the images looking around with the mouse for the spots!! The mirrors I choose the first “erase…” and them came back to the “choose…” et violá the “connections reset by peers” error went away…now its working my Openbox!!
    Make it simple in thermes of colors otherwise at least for me it is very hard to use it.

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