• Can't fix screen tearing in KDE Plasma 5.5.4 w/ Nvidia graphics

    I’m not able to remove screen tearing at all. I’ve tried every Opengl 2.0 and opengl 3.1 setting configuration in the Compositor widget, but there’s still tearing when I move Windows or, particularly, run Blender for 3D graphics and animation, or Kdenlive for video editing.

    Does anyone know a solid way to remove screen tearing completely?

    (Using Nvidia’s latest 361 proprietary graphics drivers for an Nvidia 970ti graphics card, if that helps.)

  • Have you tried playing around with EGL? It’s in the video composite settings. Using EGL pretty much fixed my screen tearing issues.

    I7 [email protected]/32GB Ram/3440 x 1440 + 1440p/EVGA 1080 FTW/512GB SSD/2TB HD/Antergos Base w/ Plasma

  • @jesse.dubord For me tearing has completely gone when I set Tearing prevention (“vsync”) to Full screen repaints.

  • Thanks, all. I did a little tinkering, including setting to full screen repaints, but to no avail.

    Turns out the Nvidia settings were able to supercede any Kwin compositing effects. I followed the simple steps in this link, and it worked brilliantly: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NVIDIA#Avoid_tearing_with_GeForce_500.2F600.2F700.2F900_series_cards.

    Hope this can help others who run into this issue with Nvidia cards.

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