• restore right click menu options

    im pretty new to kde and i did give google a search but i couldnt find out how to go back to default right click on desktop options.

    i switched over to right click on desktop brings up apps but want to go back to regular right click options but dont see how to do that.

  • @megaman Do you see the Desktop Toolbox (ex-plasma cashew) in the top left corner of the screen?

    Edit: Adding a screenshot


  • @just i think i got rid of that also :) i like a clean desktop lol

    think i removed too many items. just thought it was easy to switch to this why not easy to go back.

    its kinda nice to have a openbox kinda right click menu but not really needed in kde.

  • @megaman said:

    @just i think i got rid of that also :) i like a clean desktop lol

    Me too :) !

    Well, if you can’t see it, then type in, in slow sequence

    • click on empty space on the desktop
    • Alt, and hold it down
    • D
    • S

    In other words, Alt+D+S

    Desktop Settings window opens:

    Select Mouse Actions tab, and assign Standard Menu action to the Right-Button click.

  • @just and there it is! :) thanks for the help 👍

  • @megaman You are always welcome!

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