• Cannot log in in graphic interface

    I have just installed antergos with Gnome. But I am unable to log in. The log in window is basically empty.
    This problem is repeatable and I repeated it on a virtual machine. And I found something wrong in lightdm log x-0-greeter.log, line 2:

    file:///usr/share/lightdm-webkit/themes/antergos/js/vendor/moment-with-locales.min.js:267:50: CONSOLE ERROR ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: module

    Can anyone tell me how to solve the problem?
    Thank you.
    0_1455642747008_VirtualBox_anter_17_02_2016_00_53_19.png 0_1455642752882_VirtualBox_anter_17_02_2016_01_05_23.png 0_1455642757025_VirtualBox_anter_17_02_2016_01_06_09.png 0_1455642760964_VirtualBox_anter_17_02_2016_01_06_21.png 0_1455642765671_VirtualBox_anter_17_02_2016_01_07_14.png 0_1455642770394_VirtualBox_anter_17_02_2016_01_07_32.png

  • Just to be able to login, go to another console (for instance CTRL+ALT+F2) and log in.
    Then, install and enable gdm (while you find out why lightdm does not work):

    sudo pacman -S gdm
    sudo systemctl enable gdm
    sudo systemctl disable lightdm

    Hope this helps.

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