• NVIDIA Vulkan drivers


    I suspect Arch will have these in the repo before too long. I’m stuck at work and cannot fiddle with it. T_T

    Anyone had luck installing the beta driver yet? What steps did you take? Did the samples run?

    I’ll update this with my progress later.

  • Well then. I did bad things. I uninstalled my drivers that came from the repo and ran the installer provided by NVIDIA. But it failed part way in, and then my desktop environment would not start. So, I uninstalled it, restored the drivers from the repo, and I’m back up and running.

    Any insight on the proper order of operations to take? I recall having decent luck installing drivers straight from NVIDIA back in my Ubuntu days. Apparently, it’s a little trickier in Arch.

  • I plan to wait for the Nvidia Vulkan drivers to show up on the Arch repo’s or even the Aur before diving in.

  • @Wyn Yeah, that’s my new plan. I’m playing with Vulkan in Windows for the time being. Everyone needs time to organize and stabilize things. I need to learn the API for now anyway. XD

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