• Unselectable unread posts

    A minor inconvenience with the forum turned back again.

    When there are some posts in Unread section, it is not possible to select them, to perform some operation with selected items later. It is not possible to place a checkmark to the left of a post.

    For example, it’s impossible to select some posts to mark them as read.

  • Are you using an ad blocker or other security extension? I see that none of the icon fonts are loaded. The check boxes for selecting posts is actually an icon so that could be why its not working for you.

    Best Regards,

  • @lots.0.logs said:

    Are you using an ad blocker or other security extension? I see that none of the icon fonts are loaded…

    Yes, I am. I use AdBlock in both Chromium and Firefox. And the same (non-default) fonts in both. Wrong icons is Chromium problem only. Fonts/icons issue is another problem. Didn’t want to mix two unrelated topics in one post.

    In Firefox icons are correct:


    Still, items remain unselectable in Firefox.

    Disabling AdBlock and restarting both browsers doesn’t fix the issue. Items remain unselectable in both.

    It’s really a minor inconvenience only. Don’t waste much time looking at it.

    Best wishes.

    Edit. DE is standard Antergos Gnome.

  • I confirm the “inconveniece”, @lots-0-logs . Gnome DE & adblocker, too. I get the picture @just gets in FF, but in all three browsers I use. It started a few days ago.
    *There also used to be a bar showing the number of the comment you read against the total number of comments which also went away at the same t;ime

  • The issue with unselectable posts is soved. Checkmark in Unread section may be placed next to a post again. Thank you, @lots.0.logs.

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