• Numix themes problems, Gray semitransparent border around qt windows.

    Hi everyone,

    I just installed Antergos and I love it. Having been a long term Arch user, I love the convenience of installation while maintaining the flexibility of Arch. The numix themes and icons are amazing and give a polished appearance to the desktop.

    The only issue I have is a weird border I see around some applications (especially qt) only with the numix theme but not other themes like Arc. All the base application look good except the gnome-terminal.

    0_1455482759355_Screenshot from 2016-02-14 16-08-39.png

    I want to know if I did something wrong or if this is a theme bug that will be fixed in future. Also, is there anything I can do to fix it in the meantime. I really love this theme.

  • Do you have a compositor in use. I have Xfce and I had a shadow/border around my windows and turned off the compositor and the shadow/border has been removed.

  • I am using the default gnome installation. How do I know if I am using a compositor?

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