Hello all,

Ran a few updates today as I do everyday, so only the ones put out today.

One issue I’m having (it happens after watching youtube video) is a semi-transparent blackness that flickers from the bottom of my screen to wherever my mouse is. looking like an inverted drop down terminal. Anyone experiencing this? It goes back to normal after a little while.

Another issue which I’m much less concerned by is a quirkiness to connect to WiFi networks at startup. Telling me WiFi network needs a password or key a couple times when it is already remembered. The system also lags during this time. I exit my torguard VPN n switch between my 2 network names a couple times till it connects fine.

Edit: ^^This (WiFi issue) is not happening anymore.

I can provide any logs of interest, just not sure how how to use the commands to get them all archived together to post.