• RAM consumption and flexibility

    Hi everyone, I wanted to discuss RAM a little.
    As you know, Openbox is a light and flexible WM that’s alternative to a full DE.
    What I want to check is how light is Antergos Openbox.
    So I intalled Arch+Openbox using the Architect disk and using Antergos for out-of-box comparison. Here’s what I see:
    Antergos saves the user some trouble figuring out the installation of yaourt+pamac+lxsession, and comes with other configuration software. While some of the software is unnecessary (In my opinion), most of it is easily removable (either by uninstalling or by removing from the autostart), however, some programs (e.g thunar, compton) have issues removing as they’re dependencies for antergos-openbox-setup. In my opinion it’s worth changing, and if there’s a good reason not to i’d like to know. Still, it’s not my main concern here.
    I want to compare the memory use of both. I installed htop on both system and the below are the results:
    I saw an initial difference of ~130MB RAM. Then, to be fair, I killed the processes for tint2, pamac-tray, compton, volumeicon, plank, parcellite, light-locker and lxpolkit - as these can be safely removed if one isn’t interested the features they offer (and they’re only in Antergos by default).
    I still see a ~70M difference between the two, if there are more trivial stuff that can be just removed I’ll be happy to know (excluding the DM which be changed into LXDM like on the Architect, or into any other DM of course), otherwise I’d like to understand why the extra memory is needed.
    Thanks ahead, Oded

  • But did you try to change lightDM for lxdm? Did it make a difference?

    There’s also the accounts service daemon running in Antergos, you don’t need it if you’re only using Openbox and not using lightDM.


  • Thanks that’s good to know, what is this service?
    I’m looking for a way to make my antergos as light as possible (and I saw a difference in RAM when I changed to lxdm, but the main reason is that the webkit-greeter/themer I don’t remember replicated its processes whenever I logged in and out, so lxdm works better for me mainly for that reason)

  • @saoded It’s a d-bus communication framework to get info about your accounts (it’s used to display your user image, for instance). You don’t need it if using Openbox and lxdm.


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