• how to swich to gnome

    I love this disto i have using it a while now but i am getting bored for gnome . i would like to change over to Cinnamon .how do I go about doing this with reinstalling the whole disto ? thank you in advance

  • You can find all Cinamon related topics here : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/cinnamon

    Read twice the 3 first points as it explains how to install and configure Cinnamon. Don’t attempt any changes before you read the main points of the article.

    GNOME or Cinnamon are desktop environments. You don’t have to reinstall the whole system to switch form one to another. You can have more than one installed on your machine. You’ll just have to chose which one you want to use.

    Don’t hesitate to post if you have further questions.

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