• Antergos doesn't boot from hdd

    Hello all, it’s my first post on this forum.

    I went into an issue. My Antergos installation doesn’t boot from the hdd it’s installed on.

    I wanted to install Antergos as my work/dev os. I did everything as usually. Booted live cd, followed installation process and it all seemed to end up properly. After the post installation reboot, Antergos didn’t boot. I changed the hdd boot priority in the bios and it didn’t help. GRUB doesn’t start. It is like it wasn’t installed. I tried to reinstall/reconfigure it through a chroot guide i found on Arch forum but it didn’t help.

    I already had Antergos installed and running on this pc with no issues. The only thing that changed is that I switched from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The installer of Windows 10 asked my to convert my windows HDD to GPT.

    Some details
    I have 2 physical HDD -> 1TB for windows and 120GB for antergos
    In live CD installer I partition like this :
    sdb linux hdd 120gb
    sdb/sdb1 swap 4gb
    sdb/sdb2 / mount point 116gb

    sdc w10 hdd 1tb
    sdc/sdc1 w10 recovery 450mb
    sdc/sdc2 w10 os rest space (900+gb)

    GRUB location hdd : sdb (linux hdd)

    In the BIOS, HDD boot order :

    1. linux hdd
    2. w10 hdd

    I really can’t figure out why grub isn’t launched. Windows boots instead.

  • Hi
    I have kind of same problem but with dual boot MacOS X / Antergos.
    See my post from a day ago. Antergos installation completed with no errors but not possible to boot because empty EFI, GRUB not installed.

    Is it not weird that you don’t have a sda with a system on it?

    I ask this because i think that my Antergos installation got confused because i install
    on sdb and not on sda, because in my computer sda is an old HDD that i use as home for MacOS X. sdb is a new SSD that i use only for systems.

    I suspect this because i have had a year ago the same problem with dual boot installation of Ubuntu. Then the GRUB was installed in the sda EFI partition while the Ubuntu system was installed on sdb. I have got this working because i have copied the EFI Ubuntu folder.
    But i don’t like Ubuntu, so erased it and searching for a better Linux.

    In my Antergos installation no GRUB at all installed on EFI sda or EFI sdb.
    So, i can’t try to copy the GRUB folder.

  • @bartatantergos the sda was used by an other device. it was the live disk pseudo device or a usb device can’t remember.
    i’ll try to reinstall it with all other devices disconnected as soon as i’m back home. maybe it will change something.

  • Ok, let me know.
    I will also try to reinstall but in my situation there wasn’t a GRUB install in sda or sdb.

  • If this is a RESCUE GRUB> when updating win 10 you take your grub …

    First do an ls to know where your grub

    Second all this, for example:

    set boot = (hd0, msdos4)
    set prefix = (hd0, msdos4) / boot / grub
    insmod normal

    This is all !

  • I reinstalled Antergos with only the “Linux drive” connected to the PC. I used the default partition scheme proposed by the first option in the installer and now it works. I reconnected the W10 drive and still working. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out what was wrong.

    Thank you for replies guys.

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