• How to generate mirrorlist right?

    Hello everyone. I am pretty new with Antergos (Used Manjaro before it and wished to be more close to vanilla Arch), after today pacman update I noticed that pacman created pacman.conf.pacnew. Quickly searched about these in Arch wiki I read about pacdiff. So I overwrite old configs with a new ones, and got error when i tried to do pacman -Syu, uncommenting some mirror in mirrorlist, fixed that problem, but now i am in doubt. How to generate mirrorlist right? In manjaro I am simply do pacman-mirros -g , pacman -Syy, pacman-optimize && sync. But there is no pacman-mirrors in antergos and , as i understand right antergos have it’s own mirrors/repositories for some files?

  • @DemolitionRat

    See if this helps post from https://forum.antergos.com/topic/1169/solved-mirrorlist/4
    The post from lots.O.logs

  • there is also a recent post on the topic but that one will work just fine.

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