• MacBookPro after full installation no efi installation?

    Hi everyone

    After dual boot installation without any error, not possible to boot into Antergos Gnome. MacBookPro9,1 - core i7 - 2.6GHz - 15 inch - mid 2012

    • Live USB working ok except MacBook Pro internal keyboard and trackpad not working.
      With an external Apple keyboard and mouse it was possible to install.
      Very strange because external keyboard is also an Apple one?
    • Full installation without any error.
      /boot/efi (on EFI partition)
      / (Antergos ext4 partition)
      /home/ (Antergos ext4 partition)
    • After installation boot with ReFind shows no Linux or Antergos at all.
      Only Apply Mavericks system.
    • Checked a lot of possibilities and read a lot of posts in this forum and after checking my all system it seams that there is nothing installed in EFI partition.
      So EFI partition installation hasn’t done nothing at all?

    Already dual boot tested and installed Debian and Manjaro, after some tweaks both were working properly. But after reading a lot about new distros and Arch Linux i am very interested to use Arch and mostly Antergos.

    What has gone wrong that the /boot/efi installation hasn’t done anything without an error? How to get this fixed without new install, it’s already the second one with the same problem.


  • @bartatantergos Hey, I will recommend removing antergos, and trying again following the steps provided in the ArchWiki.
    They mention that partition should be done in OSX and finished in Linux. Not sure how exactly (I haven’t read the page much) but i find the ArchWiki one of the best wikis out there.

    Dualbooting with OSX seems to be a tricky one, where installing just Arch seems much easier.

  • @ alexaristotelous: I have already installed dual boot a few Linux distros (Ubuntu, Debian and Manjaro) and i do the partitioning always first with MacOS and the rest with the Linux distro’s installer. So, i don’t think that’s the problem but i will read that Arch Wiki page.

    Still nobody who knows why the GRUB isn’t installed during installation?
    Or how i can install the GRUB without reinstalling the all Antergos system?

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