• freeze / slowdons while copying files to fat32 and exFat

    I got a strange problem: when I copy files to my usb-thumb-drive (exFat), the system freezes partly or becomes very slow/unresponsive. I got the same problem with my sd-Card (fat32).

    Does anyone knows the reason for this behaviour or knows a solution? I am using latest updates and gnome-shell.

  • @skydesigner If you copy a large amount of data, about 1-30 G, then I might have a suggestion. How big are the files you copy?

    A single file(s) size doesn’t matter. What matters is the total, summary size of files being copied at once.

  • Thank you for your reply. The summary of the files is indeed around 1GB (or more). I just tried it again and I`d say the freezing is starting after 5 seconds.

  • @skydesigner OK, than you may try to use the ionice command.

    Unfortunately, ionice doesn’t work in GUI. There’s no way to improve file operations with it in GUI.

    It works for CLI file commands only. And may be used with any of them.

    The syntax is very simple. Just preceed any file command with ionice. If a command must be preceeded by sudo, then put ionice after sudo and immediately before the command.

    ionice [command] [command-parameters]

    For example

    ionice cp [source] [destination]    --   try to use this one
    sudo ionice dd if=[input] of=[output] bs=4M && sync
    sudo ionice fsarchiver savefs ...

    ionice does for I/O operations what nice does for CPU.

    Try it. If it works, I may explain what ionice does more in details.

  • Kiitos again. :) I am looking for a GUI solution (with Nautilus). It used to work… so the question is why it isn´t working any more? And why is it working alright with NTFS (external USB3-Drives).


  • @skydesigner I have no solution for GUI. I’m sorry. For heavy I/O operations I use terminal.

    Kaikki parhaat.

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