• Nautilus Crashes

    when i use natilus “Copy too.” or "Move too… " option on right click menu in the middle of copying it crashes. if there is any log that i can provide let me know so we can look onto

  • if you start ‘nautilus’ from terminal , you get some output, is useful?

  • im afraid it not because after running “nautilus” on terminal the file opens and shelll prompt back to as it was for u to enter the next command i think i should check /var/log if that happened

  • yeah would be nice also … if was possible :)

    But, you can try eventually if there some extentions on in gnome-tweak, try to put it off temporarely look if it conflict…

    after looking this : https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/29584#comment93690

    dont remove the Dconf :) dont :) but …

    rename ~/.gtk-bookmarks, so be like : mv ~/.gtk-bookmarks ~/.gtk-bookmarks.bak

    then look if have some differences in handle?

    you can always put the old back in if it didnt work.

  • well this bug is re-produce able by reapiting the copying two times in a row using copy too or a move to option
    also there is only .gtkrc-2.0 in my home

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