• Dropbox icon wanted

    Hello all.
    With the last update of plasma, I am completely missing the icon of dropbox. I can’t set it hidden or automatic in the panel, because it is nowhere to be seen.
    The process is running and ťhe app is syncing, as I can see from system monitor.
    Any help?

  • Sorry for asking, but have you tried rebooting your PC? When I initially install Dropbox and login to it, the icon won’t show until I reboot my PC.

  • @jesse.dubord it wasn’t that for me for a few days. Then I made a new installation and it works. But from time to time it goes away again until the next restart.
    Thank you for replying me :)

  • You bet. Glad you got it working. Hopefully a better fix will come along that will keep the Dropbox icon up there for good.

  • Also, if this is fixed to your satisfaction, can you change the status of this topic to “Solved”? :)

  • Yes, of course. Just to say, in the last restart of the pic, the background of the the icon is dark, it was light so far. Yes, they need to fix this issue.

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