• Can my laptop run Live ISO with these specs? (linux newb here)

    Intel Pentium CPU 3825U @ 1.9 Ghz
    2.00 Gb RAM
    64 bit OS x64 based processor

  • Why not?
    To start with, the best answer is to try the iso and see for yourself. If you already are running some Linux distro, things won t be different for Antergos.
    “Thanks to Hyper-Threading, the Pentium 3825U is about 20 - 25 percent faster in multi-thread applications than the identically clocked 3805U (same single-thread performance). Overall, the 3825U matches the Haswell-based Core i3-4158U or i3-4120U. Thus, the CPU has sufficient power for office and multimedia purposes as well as multitasking”.


    It would be a good idea thouh to add some RAM. should you multitask.

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