• Antergos Testing: 2016.02.03+ vs. 2016.01.30

    @nekosan said:

    If the latest version is 0.14.x why the iso doesn’t update cnchi ?

    that would explain that weird behavior I have cnchi stating it is up to date but displaying the “not ok” logo.

    You’re not alone, the same is here, for about a month. Cnchi states it’s up to date, but the “not ok” checkbox is displayed in its window during installation.
    0_1455277419938_Screenshot from 2016-02-10 07-36-00.png
    And when I try to take a look at the repo in the browser, for the same period of time, I get

    It was used to display the page without a problem in the past.

  • I have this error 500 too.

    I took a look around in the build.antergos.com and 0.12.x is stable and 0.14.x is dev on it.

  • @nekosan Yes, exactly, you’re right. This is what we can see in the Packages > section of the ABS in a web browser. While the Repos > section returns 500 error when we try to access it.

    Anyhow, I’ve checked by hand in a browser some physical mirrors from antergos-mirrorlist. All checked mirrors have 0.12.46 as stable and 0.14.27 as dev. Which exactly corresponds to your post, and to all previous results.

  • Hi everyone, We havent had a chance to release Cnchi v0.14 as stable yet so for now the status is unchanged (0.12.46->stable, 0.14.x->dev). I’ll try to get the issue with the build server straightened out in the next day or so. I too, have been very busy with work lately…sorry! 😔

  • Whe CnChi forget that is updated:

  • @alaguna It’s a known issue, already mentioned not only here but also in other threads.

    As far as I understand, we should wait until Cnchi 0.14.x arrives to the stable branch. Any considerations about the current stable Cnchi 0.12.x are pointless.

  • The error 500 during access to ABS --> Packages --> Main Repo --> x86_64 has gone. [antergos] repo may be consulted directly in browser online again. Great! Thanks, @lots.0.logs.

  • Antergos 2016.02.21 with Cnchi 0.14.x has solved all issues discussed in the topic. Marked as [Solved].

  • Thank’s to new CNCHI i can’t get into Windows, it destroy MBR!!!

  • @alaguna I’ve used the new installer numerous times, it has yet to fail for me. Anyways, you can use a Windows installation/repair disk to rewrite Windows MBR.

  • @such No, i can’t, i try by three days and i can’t reapir mbr.

  • Please @alaguna, see my answer in another thread in Spanish.

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