• Antergos Testing: 2016.02.03+ vs. 2016.01.30

    The current Antergos testing image is antergos-2016.02.03-x86_64.iso . The previous one was antergos-2016.01.30-x86_64.iso .

    The previous image was better than the current one.

    antergos-2016.02.03-x86_64.iso presents two problems.

    1. It takes a very long time to boot. If the Plymouth splash screen is removed, it is visible that the boot process spends most time on

      [...] A start job is running for Dynamic Kernel Modules System (59 sec / no limit)

      One minute is too long. The boot took no time at all in the previous testing image.

    2. Cnchi doesn’t display the Select your location slide. It doesn’t allow to select the location.

      By clicking on the Next (Right) button/arrow, it is possible to force Cnchi to go further, to next slides. But the location remains undefined. Or better, it is set by Cnchi to a locale hidden from the user until the final slide.

      I was unable to deduce from /tmp/cnchi.log what causes the location selection problem. The raw pastebin /tmp/cnchi.log file is here.


    Edit. I’m running antergos-2016.01.30-x86_64.iso for one week now. It remains smooth as silk.

  • The current Antergos-Testing antergos-2016.02.07-x86_64.iso has fixed the first of two problems.

    1. The boot is almost instantaneous again. There’s no one minute delay anymore.

    2. Select your location slide is still not displayed. If the installer is forced to go ahead, it sets locale to en_AU (English (AU), Australia).

      While it’s easy to change locale in the installed system, it may seem a difficult task for some users.


  • The most recent Antergos-Testing antergos-2016.02.08-x86_64.iso behaves exactly the same as the previous antergos-2016.02.07-x86_64.iso one.

    • The boot is lightning fast. There are no delays of any kind. Good.

    • Select your location slide is not displayed. Again, it is possible to proceed with installation, without selecting a locale. Cnchi sets it to en_AU (English (AU), Australia) in this case. Not good.

    In this round of testing images antergos-2016.01.30-x86_64.iso remains the best. Boots, installs, works perfectly. Had no problems with it in 11 days. Thinking about to substitute with it my production Antergos, which is roughly 2 years old.


    Edit. With “slide is not displayed” I mean that

    • the window Select your location is displayed

    • the blue progress bar, at the top of the window, stops at about 40%, and doesn’t go further

    • the content of the window is void. There’s a standard white window’s background only. Nothing else is displayed in the window.

  • Thanks @just . Your tests are very useful. I’ll test it myself asap and I’ll get back to you.


  • @karasu All my tests are done:

    • from LiveUSB, prepared with dd
    • on real metal, not in VM
    • more than once
    • in different days
    • on different computers

    The error doesn’t seem to be occasional. It constantly repeats, on every launch.

  • Missing Select your location slide


  • Thanks just! This is needed for the early adopters…
    I miss this from Ubuntu Development forums.
    It was kind of fun seeing the differences between users and hardware specs in testing.
    Been tempted to enable testing repos…but i think i will just be content to make her walk before i make her run. For a short time though…(like a moth to flames😀 )
    But thanks for your input and time to test!

  • @runrickus I’m just trying to help developers to find eventual problems as fast as possible. Nothing more.

    Thank you for the kind words.

  • @just Do we have a testing forum or thread here?
    I also would be interested in testing but in the proper forum…
    But i would also install on bare metal and not a VM.
    it also aids users as the packages come in to regular updates.
    Thanks and kind Regards

  • @runrickus said:

    @just Do we have a testing forum or thread here?

    There’s no such a forum, AFAIK.

    We’re going off-topic. Let’s stop this sub-thread here, OK?

  • @just said:

    @runrickus said:

    @just Do we have a testing forum or thread here?

    There’s no such a forum, AFAIK.

    We’re going off-topic. Let’s stop this sub-thread here, OK?

    That is why I asked! but sure no more here😮

  • Hello there (long time no see eh)

    This is my first test with the ISO 2016-02-08 x86_64 :

    -> Iso was copied on an USB stick with Rufus 2.6 on Windows 7.
    -> Hardware : 2010 HP EliteBook 8540p
    -> Tested on Wifi 2.4GHZ ans 5GHZ with WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] on both.

    Issue :
    -> Wifi 2.4GHZ can’t connect if the WPA2 key include capital letters (work fine with lower case)
    -> Wifi 5GHZ doen’t work while the hardware support it
    -> when cnchi reach 100% in the install process all the system freeze except mouse

    cnchi :
    -> cnchi start its update itself when connected
    -> cnchi version after update is 0.12.47 (not sure if it’s the last one)
    -> cnchi when lookup everything is good state “cnchi is up to date” while the logo stay red like it isn’t

    options used :
    -> language : french // location : france // time zone : Europe - Paris // keyboard : fench (alternative)
    -> other : firefox // firewall // Steam + POL // bleutooh // print support // SMB // Libreoffice

    Thats all I can say at the moment I will do other tests soon to have more details on the same hardware and an other one. The Wifi problem is quite annoying and might be caused by a miss configuration of the network manager.

  • I found a strange workaround for missing Select your location window content.

    The window is empty, when Cnchi is started for the first time:
    0_1455091308980_Screenshot from 2016-02-10 07-36-16.png

    If the user turns back and choose another language. the window remains empty. If the user goes ahead, then turns back several times, the window is always empty.


    If Cnchi is closed and then started a second time, then the window works as expected:
    0_1455091484609_Screenshot from 2016-02-10 07-55-50.png

    The blue progress bar at the top of the window still remains uncompleted (doesn’t disappear, doesn’t arrive up to 100%), but the locale may be chosen now.

    The en_AU (English Australia) is the first locale in the list for English. That is why it is set by default by Cnchi when the user proceeds installation without seeing the window’s content.

    Cnchi may be started a second (3rd, 4th…) time either from dockbar or from terminal. It doesn’t matter. The window works well and as expected.

    Edit. The image used is antergos-2016.02.08-x86_64.iso .

    Edit 2. For the workaround to work, Cnchi must be started for the 1st time. It’s not enough just close its window that opens on live session startup. Cnchi must execute the rankmirrors function. Checking its version downloads about 18.4 M of data, plus rankmirrors downloads 22+ M more. Wait until you see the total of 40+ M downloaded in System Monitor and the download speed definitely drops to 0. Cnchi should be closed only after that.

  • Thanks @just , that’s really an odd bug. I still have to check it, sorry (really busy at work).

    Thanks again.

  • Shouldn’t it be Cnchi 0.14, or am I missing something?

  • @nitrogen_sky It’s a little mistery for me, actually.

    0.14.27 is the current development Cnchi version. While 0.12.46 is the normal current version. ISOs use the latter.

    $ pacman -Ss cnchi
    antergos/cnchi 0.12.46-2
        Graphical Installer for Antergos Linux
    antergos/cnchi-dev 0.14.27-1
        Antergos Installer - Development Version

    Have no idea, where 0.12.47 Cnchi’s window title, that shows up in recent test images, come from. The actual Cnchi version in testing ISOs is 0.12.46. Which is correct.

  • @just Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I was on the right page.

  • I’ll ask @lots-0-logs , he creates the iso’s.

    Latest stable version is (atm) 0.14.28, so iso should use this one.

    All tests with 0.12.x are useless. Sorry guys.

  • @karasu said:

    All tests with 0.12.x are useless. Sorry guys.

    OK, that’s fine At least, it (partially) explains the problem. All test were done with 0.12.x. I’ll sleep without worries now :) .

  • If the latest version is 0.14.x why the iso doesn’t update cnchi ?

    that would explain that weird behavior I have cnchi stating it is up to date but displaying the “not ok” logo.

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