• Donation questions

    I’m not usually one to donate, but how much would it take to keep everything running on average? Hopefully it’s not…1 billion dollars :)

  • @linuxhelmet Through Patreon the goal is 100 a month for self sustaining.

    You can donate through here: https://antergos.com/donate/

    👍 .

  • @linuxhelmet As @Wyn already pointed out, you can see our fundraising goals on our Patreon profile page. The various methods by which we accept donations are listed on our main website here. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


  • What about some merchandise? I would definitely wear an Antergos T-shirt.

  • @Noctem said:

    What about some merchandise? I would definitely wear an Antergos T-shirt.

    I believe that’s on the never-ending to do list. I think @lots-0-logs said he was looking into it but that was a few months ago. Everyone is already stretched thin :(.

  • Sounds like we need more contributers to this todo list! I’d post another thread on the matter but it’s becoming pretty self-explanitory. The more we can accomplish the better antergos will get and the easier it will become to promote :D I think trello is where most of the to-do list is if I recall so if there’s something anyone wants to do take a peek at that. Maybe you can help you never know…and even if you can’t just helping others troubleshoot problems and solving them on the forums means less time the mods or devs have to take solving them. Every little bit helps.

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