• Music: from storage to cd/usb device

    I have a music collection in a variety of formats. Is there an easy way to pick a random assortment of audio, have it converted to mp3, and sent to cd/usb?
    I can do this with mpd//mp3ify/genisoimage/wodim but miss doing it in a few clicks in itunes.
    Volume normalization would also be cool.

    Use case is mp3 cd’s for the car stereo & nano/shuffle/android/genericdevice for train/gym/trotting.

    I got annoyed with itunes and moved to mpd/ncmpcpp a few years ago but am missing being able to create a playlist, select bitrate & format, and have it moved to a device or optical drive.

  • @wong Banshee, Rythmbox, and Clementine are just a few music programs that should help you get started in the right direction for getting your music to cd/usb. I personally like Clementine but I’ll let you decide which works best for your needs!

  • Awesome thanks.

    It’s been years since I last used Clementine, fits the bill nicely now.

  • You’re welcome! Glad to know I helped :)

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