• Files 3.18 - No "Delete File" option in right-click menu?

    I’d notices in Files/Nautilus that there’s no longer an option in Preferences>Behavior to enable the “delete” option in the context menu. Is this a bug, or is there a way to implement this?

  • The context menu item was removed, it has been put back as a dconf option but not in 3.18 (in 3.20 I guess
    Similar to the ill-advised switch directory on DnD hover in canvas view, finally reverted but again not in 3.18 (patch available

    Or patch & build nautilus-3.18 yourself, to that end wrote a patch, attached. Screens show implemented in 3.18 credit to mc4man post #5
    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2305813 Post #5
    Edit: It looks like now(2-5-2016) Ubuntu has reverted back to nautilus 3.14.
    [link text]( * Revert to the previous serie, the new one is going to need more work
    which is not going to be done this cycle (some issues/regressions are
    being handled upstream in 3.20 but we can do that update with our GTK
    version, also the new copy dialog is a bit much of a change and upstream
    confirms it’s creating problems that they try to address with more UI
    changes) (lp: #1541954))

  • Ok, i don’t know what nautilus i have but i haven’t problem with this, rigth click menu show me Move to Trash option.

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