• A different kind of DE

    While I was installing Antergos GNOME on my Multimedia PC (hooked on my TV), I had the idea of a different approach than GNOME with Multimedia and Gaming apps.
    What about an Antergos DE, which will boot directly to Kodi (like OpenELEC) with a kind of Steam (if possible), torrent client and file manager integration, to create a whole Multimedia experience, with Antergos Arch under the hood.
    Is anyone interested? Do you believe it would be worthwhile?

  • I would just install antergos with openbox as the DE. then uninstall everything unnecessary. Then setup auto login and then set Kodi to autostart.

    Cheers! I don't know what I'm talking about!

  • You probably have kodibuntu in mind.
    Not a bad thing to do, but who is going to take care of it? Antergos is a small/young distirbution, with a limited number of devs to devote time on it.
    Unless competent commutity members get involved, I cannot see it utilized.
    Apart from that I believe and it is only my own personal opinion, that Antergos has other priorities. With the top one being its identity. Will it remain an easy GUI installer for Arch or start taking its own steps?. I guess the latter is in the dev s minds.😄
    As to Kodi, a simple solution was mentioned in the post before mine. My practice is booting directly to Kodi. I really don t mind sparing some extra clicks…👿

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  • I thought when I saw the title of this you were referring to a more “media-centric” DE in which case it would cater more to things such as graphics and sound card compatibility, TV screen resolutions, and a thin but easy to navigate gui for the bigger screens while still having full computer functionality. (which would be awesome but way out of the scope of antergos.)

    Closest I’ve seen to this (outside of OpenELEC) is KDE’s multimedia option and even that’s lacking. There was a group that made a gui for Arch a while back for a simple retro-arcade style setup that was neat but worked on very specific hardware. Other than that most of what you ask is achievable by using auto-start for Kodi.

  • @anarch

    Not a bad thing to do, but who is going to take care of it? Antergos is a small/young distirbution, with a limited number of devs to devote time on it.

    +1. The todo list is 3 miles long 😕

    @Fedorai-Zomakaja @Noctem You can edit the packages.xml in cnchi/data. If the package is in the Arch repo’s the installer will install it and the required dependencies.

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  • It was just an idea of the moment and wanted to share, to see if anyone would be interested. My whole point was that installation would take care of itself, no tinkering on cnchi or altering an existing DE, A Multimedia version of Antergos. But I understand that the developers have a lot of work in front of them!

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