• Screen background turned white blank

    Hi everyone,
    I don’t why my screen background became white blank (see the attached screenshot to check how it looks like).
    Any idea how to solve this issue?


  • This happens when you enable desktop icons in Tweak Tool, disabling this should fix the broken wallpaper.

  • @mirielorella ,
    Thanks a lot! Ok, disabling desktop icon fixed the problem but I would actually like to have desktop icon and a background.
    Is it possible?
    At least trashbin and home directory…

  • I was able to do that some time ago, but I can’t remember how, try changing the wallpaper directly from tweak tool, but I’m really not sure…

  • Assuming you are using Gnome Shell, this is a regression that was introduced with a GTK theme. Use a GTK theme other than a Numix variant, and you can have proper wallpaper and icons. Surprised this hasn’t been fixed yet…

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