• How to easily update from terminal?

    I’m new to this distro, but have used Arch for a year or so (still a noob). If I use the pamac-updater it does it’s magic but it also gives me a few .pacnew files to take care of now and then but I don’ see the warnings before the window closes. Is it possible to run the pamac thing in terminal or do I have to ditch it and install package-query so I can use yaourt instead (or something else if you have a suggestion)?

  • I am not quite sure if I got your question right. Why not using the terminal instead of pamac?

  • I just thought maybe pamac handled things differently so I thought I had to use it instead of yaourt directly. Pamac is just to get a nice GUI then I guess :)

  • YES! Exactly as you have guessed, pamac a a GUI tool of pacman. Personally, I only use it as an update notifier or to get advice on packages that I am looking for. But even then, I prefer installing them via pacman (CLI) not pamac (GUI)… 😄

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