I verified this behavior in the best versions of Linux, as Mageia 5, Fedora 21 and 22 , Ubuntu 12.04 LTS LTS and 14.0.4, and other Remix and derivatives. Probably it is related to a bug in Gnome or Xwindow. I entered a command in a startup script where I preset brightness and gamma, and this work well on startup. But unfortunately, these settings are lost when:

  • if I enter the password to gain PC access after the screen saver or blanked monitor;
  • if I insert or delete a line in the program Gedit (only the first time after boot);
  • if I delete a file or folder within the program Nautilus. (only the first time after boot)

This is a flaw a bit annoying, but there is another even worse. In fact a some times, when I insert the password to returning from screen saver, all gnome extensions settings are lost.

Any suggestion is appreciated…

Thanks a lot.

Flavio (Rome - Italy)