• Putting grub in /root/boot instead MBR by Antergos installer

    I have relatively old Acer Aspire netbook with a MBR Bios. No EFI and GPT. I would like to put my grub in /root wich in my case is /dev/sda5. Then i would copy 512 Bytes to Windows partition and use my windows 7 boot manager.
    The installation allows only /dev/sda (i.e. MBR) as the place for Grub. I do not like to have grub there. Is it possible to load grub in my /root using Antergos installer cinchi like in any other linux distribution?


  • yes, it is completely possible to load Grub there.
    Many people do it and I do as well (or install other systems without a boot loader entirely ) when multi booting other Linux distributions and instead have one system regard itself as the system that manages all systems off, of it’s Grub Menu.

    What will probably happen initially is that you Linux system will want to control the boot manager. I think that is fine to begin with; however, since you will be wanting to revert and have your Windows system be in control of said boot manager, you will have to reboot into Windows and then have your Windows boot manager regain control of said boot manager.

    How to do that? Sorry, that I do not know. That will take some effort on your part to Google the answer.
    Apparently, there are ways/software/etc…available, but with those I am not familiar with.

    Does Arch allow itself to load with out a boot manager and hence therefore allow other system to manage it from it’s boot manager? I do not believe so; however, I may be wrong as the Arch Wiki changes occasionally.
    You might want to check the Arch Wiki if there is.

    EDIT: Maybe this helps.

    That is all I could tell you to help out.

  • Thans for your answer but my question was how to install grub in /root using Antergos installer, cinchi. In every other Linux distribution you have this possibility. Everything else I can do myself. I do not want grub menu :).

    Thanks again,

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